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Here at H&S Block Paving Services we are dedicated to providing sink-free, quality paving services. Driveways, paths and patios. View our gallery and reviews, and get in touch to book your FREE site visit and quote!


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Block Paving Surrey

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of hands-on experience, H&S Block Paving Services stands as a beacon of craftsmanship in the paving industry. Our founder’s dedication to perfection is evident in every project we undertake, from laying intricate driveways to designing bespoke patios and paths.

We’re not just experts; we’re artisans who revel in the details. We understand the importance of your property’s appearance and functionality, and we go above and beyond to ensure every paving job is a masterpiece in durability and design.

Our confidence in our work is solidified by our exclusive sink-free guarantee. This is our pledge to you that your paving will remain flawless, maintaining its integrity and beauty through the years.

Our reputation is built upon the foundation of 80+ glowing 5-star reviews. These accolades are a testament to our unwavering commitment to surpassing client expectations and delivering exceptional quality.

We believe in a bespoke approach to paving. Your vision and requirements are unique, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the final product reflects your personal style and meets your specific needs.

To truly appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of our work, we invite you to view our previous projects. This opportunity for a personal showing of our completed driveways and patios offers you a tangible glimpse into the caliber of our work and what you can expect for your own project.

Allow us to transform your outdoor space into a stunning, durable, and unique area that stands the test of time.

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Here at H&S Block Paving we are dedicated to providing sustainable, quality paving to the local areas. Stay assured with our sink-free guarentee on all block paving!


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Choosing H&S Paving Company is ideal for homeowners and businesses in Surrey and nearby areas like Guildford, Woking, and Hampshire. Our ‘block paving Surrey’ specialists use a variety of high-quality materials, including natural stone and tarmac, to create driveways and patios. This not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your property but also adds to its value. The durability and versatility of the blocks used in ‘block paving Surrey’ projects mean that they are suitable for various styles, from traditional to modern, complementing any Surrey home or business.

Our ‘block paving Surrey’ services extend beyond driveways to include patios, paths, and landscaping solutions. Whether you’re in South West London or the heart of Surrey, our ‘block paving Surrey’ team can transform your garden or outdoor area with beautiful paving, suitable for patios and pathways, adding features like decking or fencing to complete the look. We focus on creating a cohesive style that suits your property, ensuring that every ‘block paving Surrey’ project we undertake enhances your outdoor space.

‘Block paving Surrey’ contractors prioritise longevity in every project. We use only the highest quality blocks, slabs, and stones, and our installation process includes thorough preparation of the surface and sub-base. Properly laid joints and a focus on ensuring good drainage protect the ‘block paving Surrey’ from water damage and wear, making it a durable choice for Surrey properties. Our team in Surrey has a wealth of experience and is equipped to handle the challenges of installing driveways and patios in various Surrey landscapes, including areas with slopes or unique layouts.

Absolutely, ‘block paving Surrey’ is all about providing customized solutions. We understand that each property in Surrey has its unique style and requirements. Whether it’s a quaint garden in Guildford or a sprawling property in Virginia Water, our ‘block paving Surrey’ team works with you to choose the right colours, patterns, and materials to create a driveway or patio that complements your property and suits your style. We can incorporate specific features like pathways, steps, or unique patterns to make your ‘block paving Surrey’ project truly stand out.

‘Block paving Surrey’ is a cost-effective choice because it offers long-term value. The durability of the materials used means less need for repairs in the future. Plus, our ‘block paving Surrey’ services come at very competitive prices, with free, no-obligation quotes provided upfront. We aim to deliver the best value for our customers in Surrey, ensuring that you get a high-quality installation that enhances your property without breaking the bank.

‘Block paving Surrey’ significantly enhances the aesthetics of any property. A well-designed and installed block paved driveway or patio can transform the appearance of your house or business. The variety of available blocks and patterns allows us to create unique, attractive surfaces that complement the style of your Surrey property. Whether it’s a simple, elegant layout or a more intricate design, ‘block paving Surrey’ can make a dramatic difference in your property’s curb appeal.

Yes, our ‘block paving Surrey’ services are environmentally conscious. We use sustainable practices and materials wherever possible. For instance, we offer permeable block paving options that help manage surface water effectively, reducing runoff and helping to protect the Surrey environment.

After completing a ‘block paving Surrey’ installation, we offer comprehensive aftercare services. This includes advice on maintenance, cleaning tips to keep the blocks looking new, and support for any issues that might arise. We’re committed to ensuring that our ‘block paving Surrey’ installations continue to add value and beauty to your Surrey property for years to come.

Customer satisfaction is paramount for ‘block paving Surrey’. We work closely with our clients throughout the project, from initial consultation to installation, to ensure that every aspect of the job meets their expectations. Our ‘block paving Surrey’ team is dedicated to delivering quality installations that reflect our clients’ visions and suit their Surrey properties perfectly.

Yes, we are equipped to handle projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a small patio installation in a London suburb or a large new driveway in Surrey, our team has the expertise and resources to deliver top-quality results. Each ‘block paving Surrey’ project is approached with the same level of professionalism and commitment to quality, no matter the size.